Maverick vs. MarkO (Poker Night)


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Maverick (5'10", 190 lbs., American)

Marko (5'8", 175 lbs., French-Canadian)

Two friends are sharing a night of drinking, card playing and intense action.

At first, an evening of friendly wagering between the middle-class men. The stakes get deep when the two put their own personal cars into the pot. Temptation is too much and, of course, someone has a trick up their sleeve.

Tempers flare up. The argument is demanded into the wrestling ring. The action starts before both men take off their vests. Two friends tear each other apart during this intoxicated turmoil.

Back-and-forth. Each take a turn then another at the newly found foe. Stretched, squeezed and punished. Each man has a reason for dishing out the pain. One man under a heavy drunken breath is determined to claim his counterparts beautiful auto. The other man will not be taken advantage of, especially by one of his friends.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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