Maverick vs. Ty Alexander (Steel Cage)


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Ty’s got heart. And guts. But when he’s climbing into a ring in just speedos and boots to face off against the heavily-muscled perfection of a guy like Maverick, you’ve got to ask: has Ty got a brain?

Maverick’s got the body of a god and the grappling skills of a seasoned pro, and he wastes no time in starting a master class in wrestling, showing lucky Ty the full range of submission holds a heel can work on a helpless jobber. A double finger interlock quickly has Ty on his knees in front of his bearded opponent, and you can’t help feeling, this is right where the babyface belongs. Ty’s long back gets thoroughly worked over in a succession of camel clutch variations, Maverick wrapping his thick biceps around the boy’s neck and adding a cruel neck crank or two as well, just because he can. A classically applied single leg boston has Ty beating the mat and moaning and groaning, and when the beefy heel converts that into a full boston, sinking slowly down onto that already weakened back, Maverick adds insult to injury by cheerfully telling his suffering opponent he could do this, “All day long!”

Pushed up against the unforgiving cage around the ring, backed into the corner post as Maverick methodically works him over, plummeting head down into the canvass in a piledriver, Ty suffers for our viewing pleasure, and by the end of the match the question has got to be not, “Who’s gonna walk away the winner?” but rather, “Who’s gonna be able to walk away at all?”

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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