Maverick vs. Zach Reno (Play Toy)


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Zach Reno finds himself chained to the wrestling ring turnbuckles by way of a studded dog collar. Even his signature man bun is in disaray. 

“Well, well, well...what do we have here? Fresh meat! You wanna fight me for this” says the hostile giant stomping into the ring, displaying a glittering wrestling belt. Master Maverick lords his physical superiority over the smaller, chained up man, challenging him to fight his way out. With a belt on the line, not to mention his freedom, Reno agrees, moving from one punishment to another. 

Nobody understands the importance of the head like Maverick, who clamps his Sampson-like arms around Reno’s cranium, tossing him around the ring like a wet rag. Maverick locks his ankles around Reno’s torso, daring the already weakened victim to “make this fun!” 

Boston crabs, piledrivers, and camel clutches abound. Heinous hair pulling, thrashing throat work, high flying throws, and a stump puller that has Maverick forcing Reno’s knee pad literally into his own face with barbaric brutality. 

Will Reno turn it around and win his freedom, or will he end up back where he started, chained up like a bitch?

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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