Max Faber vs. Lucky Larsen


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Max Faber and Lucky Larsen are stretching and warming up in the locker room, showing off their muscles and some impressive moves.  This leads into a match to see who is the superior wrestler.  Lucky strikes first and hard and gets his rival trapped between his legs, stretching him painfully. Max breaks free and gets his foe down and chokes him. Lucky bounces right back and get Max locked up in a full nelson and scissor hold. The cocky Lucky uses his legs to control his foe and drags him around with Max's face planted squarely in his crotch.  He keeps his crotch in Max's face with a school boy pin and enjoys every minute of his opponent's suffering, taunting him and trash talking.  

Max finally catches a break and gets his opponent trapped between his own legs. Max has legs of steel and he know how to use them to dominate. He works over Lucky's arm, almost pulling it out of its socket. Max picks up foe and drops him hard before going in for the kill.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 28 seconds

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