Max Quivers vs. Justin Rage


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Justin Rage is looking for a break.  He’s clearly that innocent young man who has always dreamed of being in the ring with one of his idols.  He also definitely falls into the twink category, but what he lacks in bulging muscles, he makes up for in a bulging speedo.  When Max Quivers enters the ring, he may realize that his fantasies are about to become nightmares.  Hulking, as ever, Max announces that he’s paying Justin’s salary for the day, and then makes it clear the boy will earn every penny.

Starting him out with a chin lock, transitioning into a sleeper, Justin instantly looks like he wishes he had never taken this gig.  Max claims W4H promised him a hungry, young athlete, and he doesn’t think Justin fits the bill.  So, Justin is in for extra pain to make up for it.  One minute, Max has the kid up in the air in a standing choke out, and the next, he’s gas pedaling those boy-balls when Justin is flat on his back.  There may be no chance of this kid ever having a deep voice again.

One thing the kid has going for him is flexibility, and he needs it!  Max may not be agile, but he knows his submission holds, especially sleepers.  He twists Justin like a pretzel, and you get treated to back breakers, slams, surfboards, and a dragon sleeper.  Justin has a few moments of cockiness, like when he uses the ropes for leverage and summons the strength for a double boot kick to Max’s chest.  But it’s kind of like trying to break concrete with a limp noodle.  Max isn’t going anywhere.  And as Justin mounts the turnbuckle, perhaps thinking he can wave his magic  wand and instantly transform into a real pro wrestler, Max just grabs him by the neck and balls and throws him overhead like a ragdoll.  

Boss Cameron starts egging Max on from the side, since Justin seems to be lasting longer than anyone expected, and yells that he wants to see the kid quiver.  So, maybe it’s time for a few powerslams and tombstones, and a final vanquish.  We doubt Justin will be dreaming about being in the ring again anytime soon (unless of course, he secretly enjoyed the torment!).

Run Time 20 minutes, 28 seconds

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