Max Quivers vs. Marc Merino (Knocked Out)


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What a fantasy? A big, dumb, muscle-bound stud being your personal boy toy.

That's exactly what Mr. Quivers e-mailed me about and, well, that's what I gave him. I just didn't know how wild he'd get. 

Wow! Chloroform, zip ties and sleeper holds subdue Marc easily. Mr. Quivers doesn't even want Marc Merino to speak, so he gags him with a rag. Only muffled sounds escape his mouth as he is suffering at the businessman's hands. The suited heel pulls out some MMA-style gloves before putting on some boxing gloves to work over his play thing. 

It's not an easy job moving a 260 pound bodybuilder. The suit jacket and tie come off as the executive works up a sweat. He plays with the stud. Knocking him out only to continue the torture before finally putting him out for good to have some real fun.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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