Max Ryder vs. Blake Starr

Max Ryder vs. Blake Starr

NHB Fights

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Max Ryder (5'10", 175 lbs, Ohio)

Blake Starr (5'11", 160 lbs, Florida)

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 20 seconds


Max Ryder and Blake Starr are two of the hottest wrestlers working today. Both know their way around a wrestling at, and around an opponent’s weaknesses. The beefier Max looks like he ought to instantly dominate the slimmer Starr. But Blake manages to keep the bigger boy down from the start. Soon bodies are intertwined in tightly held and applied opportunities to cause agony. Blake continues to dominate the action, even as Max attempts to spin out from under him. 

Back on his feet, Max almost finds his footing, crushing Blake’s neck, but Blake manages to drive Max into the mat again, only to find himself caught between the beefier dude’s things. Both men are gasping with the strain of trying to secure a tap, their faces illustrating pain and frustration as the action goes evenly back and forth. 

Bare feet twist and tangle together, legs interlock, and still nobody gives. The even exchange of power prevents anybody from gaining the advantage. Deadlocked, they get to their feet again. This time they’re both tired, but ready to explore nastier, smaller, more painful attempts at success. The first tap takes nearly ten minutes to arrive, leaving both men utterly spent, with another twelve minutes left to establish a champion.

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