Max Ryder vs. Nathan FX

Max Ryder vs. Nathan FX

NHB Fights

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Max Ryder (5'10", 175 lbs, Ohio)

Nathan FX (6'1", 163 lbs, Illinois)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 47 seconds


Max Ryder may have a youthful countenance, but he’s a skilled grappler with tremendous endurance. He’s equally at home on his feet as he is on the floor. A match with the sophisticated, sneakers and shoes wearing Nathan FX might provide Max with the victory he needs to really strike fear into the hearts of his better known potential opponents. 

From the moment they lock up you can feel Nathan’s struggle to gain control, even though he’s on top. Max manages to toss Nathan backwards, pressing his massive feet into his shoulders, then winding them around his head. Nathan tends to get visibly frustrated when he’s struggling, and this match is no exception. Nathan attempts to crawl away while still trapped in Max’s superior thighs, which only seems to inspire Max to pull him ever closer, securing the first tap. 

The two men are warmed up now, and prepared to get nasty with their strategies. Max crushes Nathan’s windpipe from behind, making Nathan slap, choke, and flail until he taps again. Nathan will have to work hard to control his frustrations in order to survive Max.

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