Nathan FX vs. Matty O'Boy


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Nathan starts off the match with a quick, “What’s up, Ginger Snap?” Matty seems unimpressed and the banter over who has a soul, dick size, and more strength is on. On the surface, Nathan has a clear advantage in the height, weight, and strength department, but this is wrestling, where speed and skill can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match. Does little Matty have what it takes to overcome his larger and stronger opponent? Time will tell. 

Nathan has Matty onto the mat almost instantly, getting him tangled in the ropes and struggling for an escape. Matty tries to blow it off and says he’s just getting in a good stretch. After both men get back on their feet, Nathan once again takes control of his smaller opponent, snapping him down to the canvas, followed by some elbow smashes and some serious twisting and stretching of little Matty’s right arm. Based upon his lack of struggling to escape and the expanding bulge in his skull-covered trunks, little Matty appears to be enjoying the punishment. Nathan releases the hold on Matty’s arm, allowing him to get back on his feet, but is definitely out of breath and is backing away from his bigger opponent. Nathan backs him into the corner where little Matty tells him not to mess with his hair, almost as if he is daring him to do it. Nathan takes the dare and quickly rubs his hands through the ginger strands, clearly annoying Matty. Matty braces himself on the corner ropes and plows both of his feet right into Nathan’s abs, sending him down hard onto the canvas, followed by a quick kick and schoolboy pin. To further embarrass his bigger opponent, he rubs his manhood all in Nathan’s face. Nathan is then subjected to a painful body scissors and twisting of his arm with some serious pressure applied to his elbow. Little Matty has more strength that what appears on the surface, yet he releases the hold and tells Nathan to get up. Nathan jumps off the bottom rope, shoving little Matty down and putting him into a twisting neck scissors. Matty struggles his way out of the hold, then gives Nathan a quick shot to his manhood, sending him down to the mat. Matty once again uses his schoolboy pin, placing his nuts right on Nathan’s face. Matty, then twists Nathan’s legs like they are a pretzel. Nathan is grabbing the bottom rope trying to gain some leverage, but it works against him as Matty stretches him back even further and brings Nathan’s feet back far enough to touch his own hands with them. Nathan is definitely feeling the pain. After a quick slap to Nathan’s abs, Matty releases the hold and we see Nathan use the ropes to pull himself up off the mats. 

A little trash-talking gets them going once again with Matty throwing Nathan into the ropes, only to have Nathan come off with a clothesline, followed by a leg drop. Nathan jumps over Matty and once again uses the bottom rope for leverage, landing squarely only Matty’s abs. He then puts his small ginger-haired opponent into a full nelson while sitting on his back. Matty screams out in pain, yet Nathan stretches him out three times before letting go. A smack to Matty’s ass and a rub of his bright orange hair has him noticeably irritated. As payback for Matty putting his manhood in Nathan’s face, Nathan grabs Matty’s package and squeezes it tightly, shaking it all around. He then puts Matty into a schoolboy pin and puts his own package in Matty’s face. Matty has a look of disgust on his face and tells Nathan that it smells like a French cheese convention. Nathan gets up and Matty quickly rolls as far away as he can. Nathan tells him he can get it, but quickly nails Matty with a double dropkick to his abs. That’s gotta hurt! Nathan smacks both of Matty’s nipples, then drags him out of the corner and slams him down on the canvas. Nathan twists Matty’s leg and has him screaming out in pain. Matty does manage to kick Nathan his with other leg, forcing Nathan to release the hold. 

Both men get back to their feet and little Matty appears to be backing away. About the time we expect Nathan to strike, Matty does a somersault, ultimately using his feet and legs to grab Nathan by his neck and snap him down to the canvas. This clearly took both skill and speed to pull off. He then sits on Nathan’s six-pack abs, still squeezing his neck with his feet, but now using his hands and arms to put pressure on Nathan’s ankles.

A small series of blows to Nathan’s abs has him breathing heavy and gasping for air. Once standing again, Nathan shows us again his superior use of the ropes by shoving Matty into them, then grabbing him and slamming him down and putting him into a painful body scissors. Matty is definitely gasping for air now, but Nathan isn’t finished just yet. He releases the body scissors, but puts both of Matty’s legs into a scissors and twists and rolls him from corner-to-corner, leaving Matty flopping around like a fish out of water. Matty mistakenly says, “That is the gayest fire roll I’ve ever had.” Nathan seizes the opportunity and drops down onto Matty twice, using the full weight of his body. Nathan again twists one of Matty’s legs and has him screaming out in pain. Matty reaches for the bottom rope – and gets it – but it doesn’t help as Nathan continues twisting on his ankle causing Matty to scream out again. Nathan picks him up and immediately puts him into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and airplane spin, while grabbing little Matty’s package. He slams Matty down hard, leaving him helpless on the mat.

We see both men get to their feet and Nathan appears to have the advantage, but Matty jumps onto the bottom rope, spring-boarding his legs around Nathan’s neck, snapping Nathan back down onto the mats again. Matty, however, landed equally hard and both men are slow to make a move. Nathan attempts to get his legs around Matty’s throat, but Matty manages to get away. Nathan grabs him and starts rolling him around again, ultimately getting him into a full nelson while they are both on the mat. Matty tries to escape, but only appears to apply more pressure to himself in his escape attempts. Nathan uses his long legs to reach up and knee Matty in the chest repeatedly. He releases the hold, but stands up quickly, pull up Matty, and puts the poor ginger-haired boy back into another full nelson, flailing him back and forth while grabbing handfuls of the pretty orange hair. A belly-to-back suplex leave Matty flattened on the mat.

Nathan gives another of his powerful elbow smashes, causing Matty to say, “I give!” Is this the end? Not quite. Nathan says he’s going to give him a break and let him take a nap. Little Matty is then given a much needed nap, unfortunately for him, via a sleeperhold applied the FX way. 

Little Matty gave a more impressive showing than expected and managed to keep this from being a one-sided squash, but in the end, he didn’t have the skills or speed to overcome the size, strength and overall superiority of Nathan FX.

Sweet dreams, Little Matty. Sweet dreams.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 45 seconds

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