Nathan FX vs. TJ Reks


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All the sexy, dominating squash jobs in the world can’t compare to one well-fought, even and competitive wrestling match. TJ Reks and Nathan FX were born to go at it. Similar size, similar vibes, similar rough-n-tumble fight style. These guys like to grapple, roll, slap, and fight dirty...and tear into each other with playful taunting, trash talk, humiliation, and brotherly connection.

TJ is the barefoot jungle-stud, flashing his balls and butt through a barely there leopard loincloth. His pretty face contorted in agony, his shining teeth barred in smiling attitudes of both pain and pleasure. His back arches, he flails, smacks his opponent in the head repeatedly...and can’t stop handling his junk. Nathan, on the other hand,is the boots, socks, and knee-pad wearing city boy. Nathan has a scrappy masculinity, similar to a young Ethan Andrews. He rips and rolls and gasps and talks trash like a boss, using his wolf-like body to crush and grind TJ. TJ, for his part, stomps and tramples, beats his chest, and flexes on his knees with bare feet clenched in a primal way.

Dudes are dragged across the floor by the arm, ankles are twisted, legs are tangled up, and abs are slapped. Wedgies, rolling, heads between thighs! The creative humiliation between these two doesn’t end until both dudes are drenched in sweat, in this highly athletic, highly erotic, competitive battle for supremacy between two adorable dudes.

Total Run Time: 21 minutes, 12 seconds

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