Nick Justice vs. Miss Gia Love (Mixed Wrestling)


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Sitting at my house one night with Nick Justice & Miss Gia Love and a few other friends, we started chatting about how I got my ass kicked by Miss Gia a couple months prior. Nick thought it was hilarious and claimed he'd never lose to a girl. The room was split. Half thought Nick would lose to Miss Gia and half thought Nick would be victorious against the female wrestler.

Well, a few drinks later, we rolled out the wrestling mats in my extra bedroom and I grabbed my video camera. It wasn't long before Nick found out the Miss Gia doesn't play by the rules and she's A LOT tougher than she looks. 

Nick was embarrassed by the female competitor, just as I was. Nick had no shot at beating her. Forcing his face down to the mat with her massive tits and ass. Nick wouldn't shut up, so she suffocated him with her body parts...both top and bottom. She also used her strong athletic thighs to crush him.

I think Nick learned his lesson and won't soon forget that night. It was so bad that Miss Gia Love demanded Nick make her a sandwich...and Nick obliged sheepishly.

Total Run-time: 25 minutes

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