Nick Sparx vs. CJ Reznik


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As muscular man meat CJ Reznik struts into the ring in golden, dragon scale trunks, tattooed nick can’t help showing off his athletic abilities. The stars across his shoulders shoot sky high as he launches himself into the air in a series of clapping push ups that make the ring tremble. The initial tie-up is troubling, as neither goldenman seems ready to lockup. They dab and swish at each other, like artists afraid to get paint on the canvas. 

Finally, grinning Nick takes a fall, as Reznik locks up his boy in a body scissor and full nelson. 

“I wish you were strong enough to hold this,” barks Nick. 

“Bitch, I got you right where I want you!” Reznik counters. 

The weaker Reznik is suddenly back on his feet, and the fearful artists scuffle, until Nick returns the favor with a body scissor/nelson of his own. This combination proves to be the signature hold of this title. Reznik’s lean abdominal muscles stretch as his back is forced into an uncomfortable arch. Dragon scale trunks doesn’t mean he knows how to bring the heat. 

Time for a perfectly executed Boston crab, as Nick wrenches Reznik’s pathetic by comparison legs upward with agony-inducing force. A glorious camel clutch follows, as Nick cups Reznik’s chin in his massive hands. Suddenly they’re locked up, face to face, rolling like schoolyard enemies, bare feet kicking, legs locked together. A wincing test of strength… chokes… strangleholds… abdominal clawing… and tons of playful rolling around keep this match constantly moving.

“You had enough yet?” one fighter demands. Have you?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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