Nick Sparx vs. Josh Rotner


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“Heard you’re the new guy,” Nick smirks to his opponent.

“Ha! I’m the new guy? You’re the new guy,” Josh scoffs back.

Josh quickly utilizes his long legs to capture his muscular opponent, but he isn’t able to keep the exuberant Nick Sparx on the defensive for long. The two foes go back-and-forth feeling each other out and searching for exposed weaknesses. 

Rotner’s legs have to be the more efficient weapon I’ve seen in years. His ability to control and dominate an opponent with just his lower body is impressive, which may explain his cockiness. The weight advantage of Josh lends itself to more control over Nick as he jive talks his victim while forcing him to the mat by his sheer size and brute force. 

Nick isn’t a pussy and will take a beating before he admits defeat or submits. The targeted attack on his mid-section takes its toll though. Bearhugs, ab punches and tightly squeezed body scissors weaken and exhaust the up-and-coming rookie stud. Josh’s overconfidence isn’t even enough to give Nick the offensive position for more than a moment as he offers Nick top position so he can apply a boston crab. 

Josh extends the dominance for a few more minutes before deciding he’s had enough of his play toy and ends it by knocking him out.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

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