Ray Junior vs. Imtiaz (Mat Rats)


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Step away from the wrestling ring. Away from glossy hardbodies tossing each other from rope to rope like ragdolls. Get ready to get back to the basics of submission grappling. Two young guys with something to prove, a simple room, and a mat. Pure, raw action. 

UK-based Ray Junior is long and lean, with powerful shoulders and a physique like a marble statue. With a youthful smile, this sinewy stud is ready to lay into even leaner Imtiaz. This olive-skinned, equally youthful Romanian Romeo offers an even leaner build than his opponent. With light glinting off of his double nipple piercings, and a swimmer’s build that suggests great flexibility, Imtiaz is ready to show his metal. 

A handshake. A nervous lock up. They tumble to the mat, Junior on top, but only for a second, as Imtiaz wraps those rope-like arms around his opponent’s throat, pulling him backwards, before clamping him in a leg lock. The Romanian Romeo straightens those legs, adding pressure to the pain. 

“Come on!” Imtiaz whispers, daring Junior to turn it around. 

Grunts and groans soon give way to an almost entrancing silence, peppered with the occasional laugh or deep gasp. You could hear a pin drop, that is how focused these fresh-faced fighters are, chest-to-chest, as strong and wiry arms and legs twist together as they roll and reposition each other in a match that is mostly close-contact ground fighting. Junior might have strength over Imtiaz, but Imtiaz has speed and agility, making for a uniquely even match as these slim studs challenge each other to a seemingly never ending arsenal of sleepers, scissors, and arm bars, in a match with multiple submissions from both of these lean, athletic young dudes.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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