Ricky Vegas, Nick Justice, Gabe Steele (Minion School, Part 2)


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Sexy Ricky Vegas lays ass up in the middle of the ring after a devastating defeat in his match with Nick Justice and Scrappy. The one and only Nick Justice (finally featured shirtless and not in his typical black top) has destroyed yet another potential minion. This calls for a...uh...well...new minion! The leather trouser wearing villain calls hysterically for his new NEW minion, and Gabe Steele pops up like a puppet.

“I want you to eviscerate him!” shrieks Justice, pointing to Vegas. “Beat the holy fuck-fuckedy-fuckedy-FUCK outta him!” Minion Gabe responds, digging into the long suffering Vegas, ready to pop ligaments! Vegas is tossed and treated like a rag doll, crushed and cracked. Gabe obeys the insane master, as he demands Gabe tweak Vegas’ nipple...then surprisingly orders Vegas to tweak the master’s nipple in a triangle of...of...who knows! Pain upon pain upon pain. This punishment lesson pulls from an almost Monty Python comic sensibility, filled with humiliation humor and unstable characters playing it to the hilt.

“Choke me!” begs Justice, who is as aroused by pain as he is by ordering others to hurt one another. Minion 2 hurts Minion 1...Minion 1 is ordered to hurt the master, as fists fly, bodies are tossed, thongs are exposed, and chains are put to good use in a dog leash match that has Justice and Gabe in collars and a shared chain. Get ready for the comedy to turn totally dark as 3 men are strangled, choked, and chained in this erotic punishment comedy match that features a sadistic, sensual, sweat covered double tapout, and a surprising finale!

Runtime: 20 minutes, 33 seconds

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