Ricky Vegas vs. Gabe Steele (Ring)


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Sexy Ricky Vegas may be small, but he’s not afraid of anything...including big bro Gabe Steele...who hoists his tiny, musclebound frame into the air by his balls and practically bench presses him. Gabe can’t stop grinning as he tangles with the tiny terpsichorean titan. Vegas is given no special advantages to make up for the size difference, and you’ll marvel as the highly erotic ball-crushing action he endures.

But Vegas is no pushover, and soon he’s stripping the sweaty, sleek, sexy powerhouse that is Gabe of his shirt and forcing him backward with all his might. Gabe looks hot as HELL in his red speedo and boots, and is even hotter when Vegas wraps his arms around his neck and puts on the pain.

Gabe slings Vegas over his shoulder, gripping his balls in his fist like a master, and exposing the smaller fighter’s ass cheeks to the camera. It’s rare to see Vegas take his much pain, as his package is smashed under Gabe’s boot, and his handsome face is swallowed up by Gabe’s sweaty armpit. Gabe rubs his hand down Ricky’s lean torso, finding his balls there and once again putting the squeeze on. But Vegas is a fast learner, and soon the tiny titan is ready to crush Gabe’s balls in return. And luckily, he’s already so close to them! Get ready for a sweaty, sexy, steamy, and supremely sensual submission match!

Runtime: 19 minutes, 49 seconds

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