Ronnie Pearl vs. Guido Genatto (My Nuts, Bro)


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Ravishing Ronnie makes his way to the ring wearing his gorgeous smile, as well as Guido’s leather jacket. Seems like a mistake. A big f’ing mistake! Guido is hiding and attacks the pretty boy from behind. He doesn’t take kindly to Ronnie wearing his jacket and decides there must be payback for Ronnie’s actions. The payback is a relentless attack on Ronnie’s personal assets, namely his dick and balls. We must admit that they look damn sexy wrapped up in Ronnie’s metallic red trunks. Guido has his sights set on destroying them and he most always gets what he wants. 

Guido attacks Ronnie like a bully to a wimp. To Ronnie’s credit, he does get the jacket back a couple of times and gets some good shots in on Guido’s very manly and unusually large package. At one point, he even whips Guido with the jacket before choking him with it. That was probably the dumbest thing Ronnie could have done. The beating that ensues is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. It even appears as if Ronnie is crying at one point. Who could blame him if he did? He’s a tough wrestler, but what Guido does to him is beyond cruel. 

Ronnie has an impressive track record, easily beats W4H jobbers, and does quite well against most of the tougher wrestlers as well. This was clearly not his day as Guido literally and figuratively destroyed him. As the match is nearing the end, those pretty trunks are wedged deep into Ronnie’s equally pretty ass. He’s holding his packing to ease the pain. Not one to take the victory and walk away, Guido gives him an atomic drop to his balls that would make anyone scream. He quickly follows it with a super-kick to the face. This is probably the nicest thing he’s done in the match as it leaves Ronnie out cold, thus he can’t feel the extreme pain radiating from his dick and balls. The closing camera shot on Ronnie shows his dick and balls are much larger than at the start of the match. It isn’t because he’s sexually aroused, it’s because they are swollen from the extreme abuse. We don’t believe Ronnie will be sexually aroused anytime soon as it does not appear as if a cocktail of all the erectile dysfunction medicines combined could help him get his dick hard at this point. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 29 minutes, 16 seconds

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