Ronnie Pearl vs. Guido Genatto (Pros Up-Close)


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“So I come here today and they tell me they have a legitimate challenge lined up for me today, not just another victim or corpse in the line of bodies i have laid here; I am going to fucking kill someone in the Ring tonight” Guido seems eager to tear through his opponent giving oozing confidence.

A bit more playful sounding Ronnie gives us a spoiler alert that he is going to win. Two drastically sounding opponents and 2 types of builds. Guido is large, bulky and has muscle on muscle. While Ronnie has a slimmer more athletic build, more defined abs and muscle tone. Right now Guido appears to have the weight advantage but who knows how this fight will end up.

Guido is more than disappointed when seeing his “opponent” show up in the ring. This doesn’t stop him from letting out a full assault right off the start though. They both encircle the ring before Guido lunges and grabs a hold of Ronnie, flipping him on his back and exposing him. They flip about until Guido gribs Ronnies neck tightly. Ronnies body already is glistening with sweat as he tries to gasp for air and release himself from Guido’s hold.

Ronnie manages to squirm his way out and grabs ahold of Guido’s hand bending it upward. This forces Guido to his knees, a position we typically don’t see with him. Ronnie seems to be taking advantage of his agility over Guido as he quickly movers from position to position using his momentum to try to cause as much damage to Guido as he can. Good start, but not nearly enough to make a scratch on Guido.

Guido attacks however, well Ronnie is still reeling from the onslaught of successive kicks to his chest. Internal bleeding and a bruised rib, that wouldn’t stop him from completing the match though. He toughed through it even though his injuries are beginning to show. Would Ronnie be the underdog of the match or end up with further injuries later on.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 53 seconds

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