Ronnie Pearl vs. Teddy Trouble (Gut Bash)


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Both Ravishing Ronnie and Teddy Trouble have impressive win/loss records and reputations for being dominant. Ronnie clearly spends more time in the gym than Teddy, but Teddy is a former Marine and knows how to kick some serious ass. Teddy lives up to his name by starting trouble immediately. He brings a steel chair into the ring with him and rams it into Ronnie’s gut instantly. 

We’re not sure who pissed on Teddy’s Corn Flakes that morning, but he came into the ring with one of the worst attitudes we’ve ever seen. He also brought the steel chair, but then he magically produces a pair of handcuffs, which are used to cuff Ronnie’s wrist to the top rope. Ronnie is then subjected to a relentless assault of punches, kicks, and knee lifts. Before we know it, Teddy has a second pair of cuffs and wastes no time in cuffing Ronnie’s other wrist to the ropes. This spells bad news for Ravishing Ronnie. Teddy nails him so hard with a series of shoulder blocks that we are surprised he isn’t coughing up blood. Stuck in the corner and cuffed to the top rope, Ronnie is nothing more than a play toy for the vicious Mr. Trouble. 

WAIT! It appears as if Ronnie is about to be rescued. From the back we hear, “What are you doing? You can’t do that!” In comes our cute little butterball ref to help. There’s only a couple of problems we see here. First, he’s a ref and not a wrestler – there is a BIG difference. Second, Teddy Trouble has less respect for the refs than he does the rules and his opponents. So much for the rescue. As the ref tries to help Ronnie, Teddy comes up from behind and does under his legs with a shot to the nuts that would make a grown man cry. He’s then dragged into a corner of the ring and choked until he passes out. As he is coming to, Teddy emerges with yet another pair of cuffs, using them to cuff the ref to the ropes. Once that’s done, a stomp to his chest proves who is in-charge. Now Teddy can turn his attention back to Ronnie. 

The ref pleads with Teddy not to use the handcuffs, but his pleas fall of deaf ears. Teddy is out for total domination and punishment and will stop at nothing to get it. What Teddy does to the ref and Ronnie goes beyond domination. Eventually, Teddy digs deep into his trunks and pulls out a key to the cuffs. He releases the ref and tells him to stay down until he’s told to get up. Teddy flicks the key at the ref as he goes over for a final attack on Ronnie. Ronnie begs for mercy, but to no avail. Teddy arrogantly walks away as the ref calls for help as he tries to unlock Ronnie. We will be surprised if the Boss doesn’t suspend Teddy for his antics in this match. Then again, the Boss may be as afraid of Teddy as we are. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes. 31 seconds

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