Ryan Zivens vs. Nick Justice


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Recent Craigslist find, Ryan Zivens, obliterated resident boyfriends Matty O’Boy and Zacky Darlin. Whether or not they had it coming is up for debate. But, Nick Justice doesn’t like anybody picking on the smaller dudes, especially his friends...unless it's himself. This match is the equivalent of a big brother cleaning the floor with the school bully and forcing him to apologize. 

Too bad Ryan is so quick to admit wrongdoing. He looks like a good size match for sexy Nick Justice. Within minutes Justice is wringing out Zivens like a dishrag and gaining a screaming “I’m sorry!” 

Headlocks, sleepers, body slams, and tons of brutal insults puts this big bully in his place. With each inch of zipper Justice lowers, Zivens is further scissored, rolled, and twisted. Those sensitive nipples are treated like berries being twisted off of a vine, and that sweaty chest is slapped with some satisfyingly wet, echoing sounds. 

Ryan's face is brutalized, his mouth wrenched open, his nose twisted, and his ass brutalized by Justice’s big hands. Soon Zivens is huddled in pain and humiliation, yet Justice never stops. It’s a tangled web of bullying, instability, chaos, and of course justice...but for who?

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 43 seconds

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