Scrappy, Nick Justice, Ricky Vegas (Minion School, Part 1)


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Barefoot adonis Scrappy poses next to small and sexy Ricky Vegas. Both men have their assets, but sadistic comedian Nick Justice has chloroform! Scrappy is rendered useless as the vivid Justice laughs like a maniac. Now we see the truth...Ricky Vegas is Nick Justice’s minion, and it’s time to teach the minion how to hurt, starting with the rearrangement of Scrappy’s face.

Scrappy is hair-pulled and held firmly, as Minion Vegas is ordered to bite Scrappy’s nipples and leg. Vegas is ordered to choke Scrappy, who fights back with a weakened will. Justice demands that his minion chloroform him, and the chemical seems to give Justice a twisted kick. Scrappy’s arms are twisted like ropes, his speedo pulled up hard, and Justice’s own ear twisted by his minion, as Justice is ever in need of his own pain. Next it’s a low blow session that should have you rolling in the aisles with laughter.

“I’m going to beat the holy fuck-fucking-fuckedy-fuckedy-FUCK outta you! Now take my top off!” barks Justice. Yes, the trademark one piece top comes off, finally revealing Nick’s sweaty, sexy upper body, as he devistates the beautiful Scrappy in this rollicking comic battle of demented villains, bizarre commands, and dark humor that’s both arousing and hilarious! (Don’t forget to check out part two, when Justice summons a new Minion to school the old one!)

Runtime: 26 minutes, 46 seconds

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