Scrappy vs. Calvin Rogers

Scrappy vs. Calvin Rogers

NHB Fights

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Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)

Calvin Rogers (5'11", 180 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 8 seconds

Scrappy might not be the first name you think of for a challenging NHB match. Yes, he’s got one of the most muscular bodies in the business, but Scrappy tends to appear more in pro rings or oil pits. It’s always fun to see a sculpted muscle stud really wrestle. Handsome Calvin Rogers enters with confidence. He’s got the classic grappler’s build. His body may not be as decorative as Scrappy’s (nobody’s is!) he clearly has all the physical tools he needs to secure plenty of taps. 

Both men circle and strike. Scrappy is winded almost immediately, but he fights with incredible force, driving Calvin into the mats like a bull. Suddenly, Calvin rolls on top of the muscleman, and viewers will begin to notice Scrappy is struggling to breathe, his face turning brigh tred as he strains and struggles to gain the advantage. Calvin, on the other hand, remains calm as he put the hurt on Scrappy with expertly applied force. 

Scrappy is huffing and puffing like a train as he presses his ass into Calvins, reaching behind to abuse his opponent’s throat. Calvin taps in desperation, but he’s nowhere near as winded as Scrappy...even after having just had his throat crushed by Scrappy’s muscular arm. Scrappy’s energy may be all but used up...or is it?

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