Scrappy vs. Chace LaChance vs. Gabe Steele


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“You already know who it is,” says Scrappy with a sexy grin. He’s looking fit and fine in his blue thong, thigh muscles bulging, biceps blowing the mind. Is there a more perfect body around on the wrestling scene? But just wait until camera moves slightly to the right. There stands Chace LaChance, easily the hottest, handsomest hairy hunk in the ring. Perfectly proportioned and powerful, with a bangin’ ass! Together, Chace and Scrappy make quite a pair, as the barefoot duo surrounds the one and only Gabe Steel.  

Gabe is something of a phenomenon in the wrestling world. His body is a naturally powerful one, and his face says he’s always ready, willing, and able. Maybe that’s why the muscle studs rip into him immediately! Chace and Scrappy twist their muscled arms around Gabe’s neck like serpents, wrenching him into agonizing positions with ease. Gabe grins, struggles, and takes an ab punching session with grace, humility, and minimal moaning.

Scrappy figure-fours Gabe while Chace twists his arm and claws his pecs. But soon Scrappy grows bored watching Chace have all the fun, and decides to punish his partner with a backbreaker and pec claw of his own. A sexy ass-to-ass Boston crab distracts Scrappy long enough for him to not notice a vengeful Gabe lurking in the corners. It’s an any-which-way three man fight to the finish in which only one man survives.

Run time: 26 minutes, 45 seconds

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