Scrappy vs. Chad Daniels


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If you think Scrappy looks good in the ring or the oil pit, you should see those muscles in the broad light of day. Smooth, soft skin. Hard muscles. Boyish face. Scrappy’s one impressive kid, and he just keeps getting better. Chad Daniels, on the other hand, looks like he’s made entirely of wonder bread. Pale, thinly sliced, flavorless. But Scrappy wants to fight in the great outdoors. 

An early tussle evolves into a battle of egos, and Chad gets a good old fashioned gut punch. Scrappy compliments the pale punk, then gets to beating his ass with a half nelson, some back torture, and some hot ground game. Fists fly, pound, and put on the pressure. Chad turns it around on Scrappy, getting in a few good hits and squeezing the muscle stud’s pecs. 

What started off as some friendly scrapping with Scrappy evolves into a contest to see who can hurt who the most, with special attention paid to chest and pectoral abuse. An exquisite camel clutch conclutes this battle, with one fighter turning cherry red. I won’t say who wins, but will say Scrappy’s bright blue eyes are especially noticeable in natural light!

Total Runtime - 24 minutes, 41 seconds

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