Scrappy vs. Dashing Dustin (Neck Attack)


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As Scrappy’s confidence, and his biceps, increase in size, his speedos just get smaller and smaller. This time around, the stellar stud displays his rock-hard guns in barely there white speedos that perfectly frame and transparently display his cock and balls. And speaking of cockiness, Dashing Dustin doesn't look too impressed by the wonder boy’s biceps. Two very different bodies, equally strong in their own way...let’s see who the better man in! 

Dustin gets a facefull of Scrappy’s cavernous armpit from the start, as bare feet circle and dance around, leading to some herculean strength tests. All too soon Scrappy finds his pretty face crushed within Dustin’s rope-like arms. Necks are on the line this time, in this neck-cranking clash full of groaning face claws, handgags, and jaw-crushing sadism. Scrappy’s jaw is opened and closed like a nutcracker, as Dashing Dustin straddle his powerful chest and cranks the hell out of it using Scrappy’s own hair for leverage. You’ve never seen Scrappy suffer like this, face dripping with sweat, saliva foaming, eyes rolling back, teeth and tongue and lips straining in resistance...but to no avail. 

“All that muscle for nothin’...” laughs Dashing Dustin, as he cranks Scrappy’s neck back so far he can almost see his own tight ass. Ouch! 

Total Run-time: 26 minutes, 39 seconds

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