Scrappy vs. Dashing Dustin (Oil Wrestling)


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Holy Hell!!! Dashing Dustin is in neon red and yellow trunks, showing off that toned body and chiseled and handsome face. Scrappy looks hotter than ever, this time showing off that rippled and rock-hard body in leopard print trunks. Dustin has some impressive biceps. Unfortunately for him, they are about as big as Scrappy’s forearm. We want to melt when Scrappy flexes those massive arms. They are as big as the thighs on most guys. Damn! Even Dustin knows Scrappy is much stronger when he says, “Hopefully I’m as big as you one day.” Scrappy has him feel his arms one more time and asks if he’s ready for that to be around his neck. Dustin pushes Scrappy’s arm away but ends up taking a few steps backwards instead as Scrappy laughs. Dustin rubs oil on Scrappy’s muscles, making us wish we were Dustin. After Dustin is oiled, both wrestlers squirt oil all over the mats. Looks like a good time to us. 

Scrappy is enraged when Dustin gets him in a choke hold, but it doesn’t take the muscle stud long to break free. The old saying of payback being a bitch proves true. Dustin is grunting and groaning quickly. These hunks are sliding on the mats like they are walking on an icy driveway. Dustin is able to get a Scrappy in a few holds, but for the most part suffers at the hands of his much stronger opponent. Scrappy pays special attention to Dustin’s tight abs, making them suffer. Dustin is easily tossed around by Scrappy, hoisted over his shoulders, and put into a humiliating schoolboy pin. Scrappy shows just how brutal he can be by making Dustin tap twice when he’s being sleepered. Scrappy has a devious smile as he toys with Dustin. Even so, we’re impressed with Dustin’s performance in this match. He was able to get his much stronger opponent into several holds, something we didn’t expect. 

These sexy and oily wrestlers put on quite a match for us. Dustin is, as his name says, dashing, and he is continuing to grow as a wrestler but had his hands full against the bigger and somewhat diabolical Scrappy. As always, Scrappy is sexy as hell and has us reaching for our own bottle of oil. You don’t want to miss this sexy match! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 10 seconds

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