Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (Beach)


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Scrappy and Drew look like models for a swimwear catalogue, wading in the lapping waters and skipping stones. These dudes are sexy as hell, strutting and sinking their feet into the seductive sand. Suddenly, the peaceful moment is broken, as Scrappy attacks his bud, locking his superior arm around his neck. Heron’s fly overhead, escaping the aggressive scene. Drew pulls Scrappy’s hair, yanking his head back in domination. Scrappy lifts Drew off his feet, demanding an apology. Drew stumbles into the water, then turns to hoist and spin Scrappy, then drop him over his knee with a salty splash. Drew attacks Scrappy’s nipples, closes his hand over his neck, and pushes his opponent into the water.

Boardshorts are stripped off, giving way to barely there speedos in blue and red that leave little to the imagination. Scrappy and Drew bump chests and exchange insults, struggling in the water as their junk bounces in front of the camera in humiliating high definition. Scrappy poses and preens, only to be gut slapped and strangled by Drew.

They tumble onto the watery mat, exchanging scissors and splashes and screams of pain. They roll and rage in the sand, as it sticks to skin and defines muscles. Feet, thighs, chests, backs, and legs get coated in wet sand, as they strain and grapple, shove and shame, beat and battle like brothers until one man gets straddled in the water, still refusing to apologize. One man walks away, flipping the other off. This is one war that doesn’t end today...

Runtime: 21 minutes, 05 seconds

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