Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (Ring)


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Scrappy’s got the musculature of a god...but he’s kinda short. Tall, powerful Drew Harper challenges the short stud to an arm wrestling match...complete with armpit tickling to throw the other guy off. Asses clench and abs press into the floor as each man tries to prove his strength. Suddenly, sexy Scrappy is being ridden and arm-wrenched by Drew, his trademark curls being used for leverage as his arm is twisted into impossibly painful positions.

Pelvises grind into the floor as they arm wrestle again...only this time Scrappy leaps on top of Drew’s back, riding him like a pony and forcing him into an excruciating attempted camel clutch. Now the fight it on! Bearhugs and back muscles are on display, as bodies are tossed and the sweat starts to pour. Scrappy is cradled, exposing his package for the camera in those barely-there trunks he loves to wear.

These guys are like brothers in pain, squeezing and tangling and rolling and crushing one another between thighs. Skin-on-skin, fingers in hair, pec claws and nasty nipple pinching, gut pounding and aggression. Wedgies! Armpit smothering! The constant pectoral and nipple abuse is brutal, as these guys go to town on each other’s pecs with squeezing, seductive rage. The rivalry is real. Who will win? Tall and toned, or short and muscular?

Runtime: 19 minutes, 21 seconds

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