Scrappy vs. Ethan Andrews

Scrappy vs. Ethan Andrews

NHB Fights

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Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)

Ethan Andrews (5'11", 165 lbs, Wisconsin)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 33 seconds


Scrappy and Ethan come from very different schools as far as physique goes. But both have discipline in various styles of wrestling. Ethan doesn't hesitate to try to put the more muscular Scrappy in something resembling a spladle. Scrappy resists, manhandling Ethan’s head even as he’s on the bottom. Ethan takes comfort for a moment in pressing his naturally strong body on top of Scrappy, managing to gain a tap. 

Scrappy is clearly exhausted, as evident by his heavy breathing. The second fall also appears to go to Ethan, who gingerly lifts Scrappy’s leg and allows the bigger man to fall to the mat on his own. Ethan wraps his arms around Scrappy, who kicks, flails, and grits his teeth. Scrappy manages to lock his legs around Ethan’s head for a moment, but the hold doesn’t take. 

Both men wriggle and resist, as Scrappy’s flawless body ripples with every muscular choice. Ethan tries his best move again, simply pressing his chest against Scrappy’s. Scrappy fights to get back up to his knees, and once again misses his chance to get Ethan in a tight hold. This is officially a one-sided bout, with a final score of 1 / 6.

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