Scrappy vs. Guido Genatto


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Experienced Pro vs. Young Pup.

Even the most respectful of wrestlers don’t escape the clutches of Guido Genatto without some serious battle scars and humiliation to live down. Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that buff buddyboy Scrappy mouths off the instant he and Guido are face-to-face. Guido calmly cuts the kid, certain he’s not worth his time. 

“Says the washed up fuck standin’ here,” barks Scrappy, flexing his newly minted muscles against Genatto’s hairy dad bod. Wrong move, boy! Guido goes from zero to a thousand in less than a second, and the red-faced shock written all over Scrappy’s face when Guido snaps and attacks ought to be freeze framed and studied. Guido grinds the buff boy into the floor, his voice raised in fury like a gale wind. 

Scrappy turns as pink as a piggy trapped in Guido’s sleeper, Guido grinning like a sexy Cheshire Cat. Scrappy tries to elbow his way out of it, which only amuses Guido. Two minutes into the fight, and Scrappy’s back is already dripping with glossy sweat. 

Sit back, relax, and get ready for the beating of a lifetime, laced with painful skin-on-skin brutality, sick and twisted holds, bodies wrapped up like packages, and pathetic begging for mercy. Just when things can’t get any worse, Guido grabs a broom...

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes

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