Scrappy vs. Gunnar


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Just when you start to think Scrappy’s the biggest muscle man on the block comes a stud like Gunnar. Gunnar is a total beast, with an incredibly well-built body, tats, beard, and a wry sense of humor. Gunnar takes his time measuring Scrappy’s all over, from biceps to thighs to chest. Gunnar generously rounds up on all his measurements of young Scrappy. Then it’s Gunnar’s turn to be measured, and he’s truly massive. 

All that body comparison leads to a physical challenge, as these dudes agree to arm wrestle. The camera goes in deep to show the powerful biceps hard at work, the grunting faces, the popping neck veins. Arm wrestling leads to real wrestling, in which Scrappy is hoisted, slammed, stretched, and spun! 

Squeezes, chokes, Boston crabs! Gunnar begins to sweat like a pig as he wrecks a cursing Scrappy. Even after all the beatings, Scrappy still wants Gunnar to flex for him. Gunnar obliges, only to be surprised by a vengeful kid, who knows a slew of brutal holds as well. Scrappy’s young, smooth, dry, soft skin rubs against Gunnar’s sweaty frame in an almost intimate exchange of power. 

Total Runtime - 23 minutes, 6 seconds

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