Scrappy vs. Jaxton Wheeler


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When Scrappy and Jaxton have a pose off, it’s hard to decide where to look. On the one hand, Jax is a hot and hairy, beefy brawler with some serious brawn. Scrappy, on the other hand, is a cut, toned, real-life version of the David statue (with better arms and thighs.) A standard test of strength seems to squeeze the air out of Scrappy, leaving the hairy hunk plenty of opportunities to lay waste to his younger opponent.

With that beaming, infectious grin of his, Jaxton pulls Scrappy up by his curls and eases him into a “relaxing” sleeper. Now the flawless muscle stud looks a lot less intimidating as he lays unconscious at Jax’s feet. Jax revives Scrappy just enough to make a hot and sweaty figure four worth it, as the kid cries and slaps...unable to find the words he needs to ensure his release.

Soon Scrappy is sleeping like a baby, only to be revived again...and again...and again. Nelsons, sleepers, chokes, boots in necks...Scrappy’s manhood is on the line, and his reputation...not to mention his brain cells from the lack of oxygen! This is a slow, steamy, sensual sleeper scrap. A total squash job, and a total delight to see Jaxton proving his superiority once again.

Run time: 22 minutes, 5 seconds

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