Scrappy vs. Joey Nux (Cowboys)


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Muscle daddy Joey Nux and young hunk Scrappy play a coupla cattlemen, in jeans and boots! Nux nabs Scrappy, wrenching his arms back and pulling that priceless hair hard, exposing that incredible rancher physique!

“Man, my pig’s got more fight than you, boy!” barks Nux, mocking Scrappy for wearing a rope belt. He slams the kid down, determined to punish him for insubordination...and for knocking Nux’s cowboy hat off.

Nux forces the bad boy buckaroo to pick his hat up, but Scrappy only knocks it away further, pissing off the hot muscle daddy, who slings Scrappy over his shoulders and stretches him out good.

Scrappy is strangled and left unconscious in the corner, but that’s no fun. Nux plans to bronco bust this boastful bitch boy, and that means removing them there boots and jeans. Stripped and humiliated, Scrappy finds himself getting a nice mouthful of his own nasty socks, before he’s hogtied and humiliated further. It’s a rip-roaring, cowpoke crushing, sweaty submission battle complete with Boston crabs, gut punching, cheap shots, bondage, boots on faces, and even some light trampling! Yee-haw!

Runtime: 20 minutes, 27 seconds

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