Scrappy vs. John Wolfboy

Scrappy vs. John Wolfboy

NHB Fights

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Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)

John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 37 seconds


Studly Scrappy seems to get exhausted quickly doing these highly competitive NHB fights. And it’s no surprise, it’s extremely difficult to sustain the energy, power, and exhibition of still required to fight for twenty minutes. But this cut stud is getting better and better. Of course all that improvement could fly out the window in the face of John Wofboy, a tremendously skilled grappler with speed, agility, and flexibility. This time around, Wolfboy wrestles in a barely there silver speedo. 

Scrappy and the Wolf tangle, and Wolfboy gains the first advantage, scoring a tap on poor Scrappy in less than a minute. Scrappy struggles to get to his feet afterward, quickly finding himself in a dance to gain leverage on Wolfboy. Scrappy lifts the slender fighter off his feet, swings him around, and takes him down with barely any effort. 

Wolfboy is usually better on the mat. Scrappy is only just discovering how skilled he can be if he stays on his feet. Wolfboy desperately fights to get the bodybuilder down, practically smothering his face in a variation on the schoolboy pin. This is one NHB fight that sees the combatants struggling to either stand or go to the mat, and the sweaty match ends in a close score, and a powerful flex from the winner, who also uses his foot to step on the loser to frame his humiliation once and for all.

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