Scrappy vs. Marco Thunder (Oil Wrestling)


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After a long day of filming, we were all relaxing having adult beverages and chit chatting about the day. Scrappy was telling everyone who'd listen that he was the future of wrestling. Marco being the wise-ass he can be, told Scrappy he has a long way to go considering he hasn't even wrestled in oil, yet. Scrappy says "Let's do it! You and me...right now."

We blow up the pool and throw a few bottles of baby oil. That's not enough, so I decide maybe we can throw some water in there.

Marco and Scrappy climb into the pool, both noticeably quieter than usual. The intimacy of oil application seems to have silenced the competitive clowns. The sloshing sounds of oil on skin fill the air, as tighty whities turn utterly transparent, and two dudes accustomed to having their way in the ring find themselves at the mercy of slippery skin and oil. 

Muscles glow in the light, as two hard bodies coil, twist, roll, and wrangle one another. Each dude uses less trash talk than usual, eventually relaxing into a rhythmic, whispered wrestling match replete with gasps, sighs, long embraces, and playful innuendo. 

If you’ve ever wished for more muscular men who would wrestle a little slower so you can appreciate the artistry of a well-build body, this is the title for you. The intimate nature of this slow motion hugfest invites chokes, nipple play, flexing, and off-camera laughter from yours truly. Two powerful dudes rediscover what it means to connect with fellow wrestlers, in this close-quartered, hella sexy oil match!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 25 seconds

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