Scrappy vs. Matty O'Boy


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Scrappy’s short and muscular. Matty’s slim and natural. Muscle man vs. marionette. Matty knows he’s got the ideal physique of the millennial, mocking Scrappy’s pec size and suggesting girls don’t like a guy with a bigger cup size than them. 

You’ve seen Matty obliterated by muscle men before, and you’ve seen him hold his own against guys with his leaner build. Time to see if he can finally vanquish a built dude. Scrappy slams and squashes, Matty squirms, endures, and wriggles free. Which technique has more potential. 

Suddenly, Scrappy is ass-up, falling victim to Matty’s yoga flexibility. As Scrappy’s shaft brushes against Matty’s chest, the leaner dude arches his back just that much more, splitting Scrappy down the middle like a pear. 

These barefoot boys mean business now, as Scrappy plants his manhood square in Matty’s pretty face, leaving enough room for his manly hand to crush his throat. Matty’s long legs and quick reflexes spring into action, winding the broader dude up in those long, slim, ropy legs.  

Bulge pressed to bulge, Matty observes that his is more defined, infuriating the muscle man. 

“Lanky mutherfucker! I’m gettin’ you back!” groans Scrappy. 

Words cannot properly describe the smothering, suffocating, sofa rolling, face-sitting, sweat-sucking, cock crushing, sexy, nasty battle that takes place here. It’s an ever-surprising turn of events, as two very different dudes trade pain and punishment, sass and trash-talk, in a back-and-forth fight to the finish that is truly anybody’s game to win!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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