Scrappy vs. Max Ryder


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Scrappy and Max are decked out in some intense threads. Vivid prints, bright colors, off centered accessories...all of which make for some fun strip action. Max looks like a pirate prince in his black rockstar getup. Scrappy grinds him into the floor, then removes his poet shirt. A test of strength looks even hotter when one dude is wearing sleek, shimmering tights and boots. 

Scrappy presses his incredible pelvis into Max’s chest, making him scream and groan. Pecs are clenched, squeezed, and totally wrecked as Scrappy buries his hands in them. The rockstar pants are yanked off, leaving the pale, muscular Max in nothing but a tiny yellow thong that barely contains his cock...and leaving clothing items scattered about and available to be used in twisted ways. 

Scrappy strips down to match him, revealing mint green speedos. Scrappy presses his boot into Max’s chest, slams him hard, and uses his own legs as a torture device. Bearhugs, wedgies, skin-on-skin, muscle-on-muscle...and more of Max’s ass than you could ever need (you’re welcome!). Not to mention some final act barrell abuse! 

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 11 seconds

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