Scrappy vs. Nick Justice


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Scrappy leaps over the top rope, takes a tape measure and shows off just how large his muscles are and how tight his waist is. Included in this is a “Whoooooooooo” which reminds us of Ric Flair. Impressive, to say the least. He and the diabolical Nick Justice exchange f-bombs like they are candy. Nick lists his impressive record in the ring and Scrappy claims he’s going to whip Nick’s ass. Scrappy is strong as an ox, but does he have what it takes to overcome the brutality and fiendish ways of Nick Justice?
Once Nick is in the ring, he wastes no time in going to work on our pretty young stud. Scrappy isn’t too happy and makes a short-lived comeback. Nick seems to enjoy that pain that Scrappy dishes out. Not only is Nick much more experienced in the ring, he’s in a demonic state lately and claims to take the souls of the wrestlers he beats. We fear a similar fate is in store for Scrappy. Scrappy is infuriated at some of the holds and cheap shots Nick gives him. He comes back with a vengeance several times, but none carry enough power to keep Nick down. He threatens to choke Scrappy within an inch of his life, then follows through on his threat. Scrappy, scramble away and calls him “sick” as he tries to escape. This appears to bring out the best in Scrappy as he gives it everything he has to beat Nick. As expected,
Nick regains control and further punishes and humiliates Scrappy. Nick is a man who loves power and control. A piledriver leaves Scrappy dangerously close to being knocked out. Nick threatens to break his neck with another piledriver. He wasn’t successful in breaking Scrappy’s neck, but he did leave him out cold. This match puts another victory under his belt. Nick ends the match by singing, yes, singing to Scrappy. He creates his own variation of “Hush Little Baby” that is so sick and demented that we refuse to print it here. You’ll have to hear it for yourself.
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 40 seconds

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