Scrappy vs. Seth Borden


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Scantily clad muscleboy Scrappy has caught a slim and sexy stud in his beartrap thighs. Svelte Seth Borden is a reed-thin, pale prettyboy who strains and suffers like a professional jobber. Throwing his head back in agony, teeth gritted, he endures the endless demented inventions of the masterful Scrappy, who twists the trim tussler’s arms like ropes, wrenches the willowy wrestler’s legs, and closes his figure four around his long neck like a python feasting on its prey.

Seth’s pink nipples stand out against his snow-white skin, getting redder as Scrappy pinches them with delight. Scrappy lifts the lean lad off his feet, crushing his abdomen in brutal superiority. The skinny kid tumbles to the floor in weak submission.

“What you crawling away for?” asks Scrappy, in a lazy drawl, as he straddles the spindly scrapper like a schoolyard bully, then closes his massive bicep around his neck. Jackson kicks and strains, screams and begs, as his inky black hair is pulled, and his pretty face is enveloped by Scrappy’s package. Feet dig into syph-like abs. Long, pale, sweaty arms are twisted, and even fingers are abused. This may be the greatest, most thorough obliteration of a wrestler ever filmed!

Runtime: 21 minutes, 55 seconds

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