Steven Roman vs. Guido Genatto (My Nuts, Bro)


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Steven Roman has a few poses. The dark, swarthy, tussle-haired fireplug always wears an expression of vacant removal, like a 90’s porn star paying his bills. The highly expressive Guido Genatto barks orders at him like a boss, or a demented conscience.

“Come on, let’s see a side chest...flex those quads, give us what we want! Let’s see the back! Rear lat spread! Let’s see that double bicep again, come on!” And as the fireplug flexes, Guido pounds his balls, making Roman crumble to the floor like a house of cards caving in. Time for Roman to experience the excruciating pain and pleasure of a ball bash battle!

Cradling his wounded balls, Roman rolls with Genatto, nice thick legs and butts rolling and rollicking. If Roman were a little more trained, he’d make a good size match for Guido, but as it stands, he’s finished. Guido clenches Roman’s balls with closed fists, making Roman’s sexy baritone voice go up as he pleads for release. Guido has fun with the muscular stud, using and abusing him like the pro he is. Another one bites the dust!

Run Time: 18 minutes, 48 seconds

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