Sunny Deleon vs. Postman Pat

Sunny Deleon vs. Postman Pat

NHB Fights

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Sunny Deleon (5'6", 140 lbs, Canada)
Postman Pat (6'0", 180 lbs, Canada)

Postman Pat’s your average hairy dude, lean and pale and ready to fight it out with tiny, but impressive as hell Sunny Deleon. Sunny sports some sexy yellow gear, always looking like he’s gonna get his tiny ass handed to him. These guys start on their knees, their bodies slapping together suddenly. Pat finds himself trapped between Sunny’s thighs, surprised as hell at the little guy’s power. 

Pat’s gear nearly comes off after the first lockup, his ass crack exposed in humiliating clarity as he struggles to straddle the bucking bronco that is Sunny. Sunny finds his wrist pinioned to the mat, his own tiny body encompassed and enfolded in Pat’s pale legs. Pat throws his head back, but it’s too early for a victorious moment and Sunny strikes, sleepering the bigger bro until he taps. Pat’s a gentleman, he even graciously puts Sunny’s first point on the board for him. 

But now Pat knows what he’s dealing with, and he comes at Sunny accordingly. Sunny whimpers and wrestles with equal passion as he straddles Pat. Pat even resorts to some light gutpunching. This is an epically equal battle, made especially entertaining by the constant back-and-forth dialogue between the two spiteful scrappers.

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 41 seconds

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