Todd The Rod vs. Chase Sinn


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There’s something cute about Todd the Rod. He feels like your lame college roommate when you run into him ten years later...hairy dad bod, dorky jokes and comebacks, a fading Batman tattoo...yet there’s something adorable about his total commitment to his own lameness. Chase Sinn, on the other hand, bleeds sexual coolness, he’s can’t help it! He ties up with Todd like a decent pro, giving the dork a fighting chance to prove himself.

Poor Todd, at the mercy of Chase, who steps on Todd’s neck, yanks him around by the hair, and brutalizes those flabby abdominals with increasing aggression. Chase takes his time turning on the heat, growing more and more brutal with each hold and strike. Todd’s legs get stretched out, his balls and chin pounded hard.

Even when Todd hits back, it’s with a watery weakness pathetic in a man of his size and stature. Chase rides his back, camels him, and crushes his windpipe. Ears are twisted and almost pierced with hooks, and big red welts are left on backs after beatings with bungee cords. Every submission is ignored. Can Todd the Rod recover from such a humiliating squash match?

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 21 seconds

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