Todd The Rod vs. Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steele


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Todd the Rod thinks he’s something special, stretching in the ring in his fake leather jacket. Todd always has the look of someone who has bitten off more than he can chew. As Gabe Steel and Ethan Andrew slink into the ring behind him, it’s clear the hairy dudebro is in for another harsh shaming.

Ethan wastes no time abusing Todd’s body, twisting his legs and pulling him into a prime position for Gabe to hammer away at his hairy torso. Gabe returns the favor, pulling the pale pansy into a standing position for Ethan to abuse. The jacket comes off, and the abuse continues...and allegiances never change.

As the abuse escalates, Ethan and Gabe discover a choreographic unity in their execution. They pass the pansy from on to another with expert precision, then share in the fun of humiliating him in three-man punishment positions that take so little out of them that Scrappy actually wanders through the ring, has a conversation with Gabe and Ethan, and leaves without even noticing a red-faced, agonized Todd between them. If you dislike the sight of Todd’s cocky face, you’ll love watching him eat boot, fist, and floor.  

Run time: 23 minutes, 49 seconds

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