Topher DiMaggio vs. Joey Nux


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If you’re a fan of erotic wrestling, you’re probably familiar with the outstanding body of work (and outstanding body) of Topher DiMaggio. This caramel-skinned stud stretches mid ring in purple speedos that leave nothing to the imagination. You can literally see everything he’s packing right through the thin lycra. In white boots and nothing else, it’s not hard to understand what has made Topher a desirable wrestling opponent over the years. 

Enter living action figure Joey Nux, looking so built, it’s hard to look away. Wearing only a pair of ripped white jeans, he’s been longing to lockup and beat on pretty Topher. Joey traps the sexy stud in a killer sleeper, his bare feet brushing against Topher’s magnificent package. Next it’s a Boston crab that gets Topher screaming and trying to hit Joey’s legs. 

As the sweat starts to course down their chests and back, Joey plants his bare foot in Topher’s abs with a bestial roar. Topher is dragged to the ropes, where he’s forced to straddle the rope and feel the pressure on his cock. Sweaty sleepers rule the day in this sensual squash job. 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 6 seconds

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