Travis vs. DJ Beckham Jr (Gut Punch)


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Stretching in the ring is Travis and DJ. Travis, in a letterman’s jacket and babyface white speedo, and DJ in black and a leather jacket. Each wrestler’s role is clearly defined. And, each plays their role so well. The trash talking starts off immediately and before either can discard their jacket the battle is engaged. DJ gets out to quick start chest chopping and shoulder blocking the helpless Travis. He red marks start to appear on Travis’ chest almost immediately.

Travis is quickly learning the fight back though, and soon he is delivering knees to DJ’s midsection. DJ knows every move and countermove though, throwing in some sarcasm and trash talking for good measure. Keeping his opponent trapped in the corner for extended periods of time, punches to the midsection, shoulders to the abdomen and boots to the crotch as just some of the torment Travis is forced to endure at the hand of DJ.

Although at times able to mount a slight offense, the wiliness and ring savvy of DJ proves too much for the chiseled Travis. Seems like Travis will have to log a lot more hours in the ring before he is ready to take on the best of W4H!

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 24 seconds

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