Travis vs. Joey Nux


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Travis is new to the W4H stable, bit I am sure he will quickly become a fan favorite. Beautiful looks and a killer body (a la Blake Starr) unfortunately he finds one of his first opponents to be the mountain of a man Joey Nux. Joey has no sympathy for the rookie and what begins is a “Welcome to Wrestler 4 Hire” beatdown the likes of which has seldom been seen.

Joey understands that Travis is new and so he employs a tried and true humiliating tactic throughout the match, the embarrassing wedgie. Travis’ blue speedo is yanked repeatedly up his ass crack, exposing Travis’ ass cheeks for all to see and admire.

Make no mistake, wedgies are not the only thing Travis is forced to endure. He is also stretched in ways the human body is not supposed to be stretched in, slammed into the turnbuckle several times, the victim of a pildriver, camel clutched to excruciating pain, and the list goes on and on. Never able to mount an offense against the onslaught of the seasoned Nux, I would not be surprised if Travis was thinking twice about his decision to step into the ring with W4H superstars. Fans of a total beatdown of a young, hot susperstar will be pleased beyond words!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 01 second

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