Travis vs. Zach Reno


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Zach and Travis are facing other in the ring. There is just one thing that Travis can’t seem to get by, though, and that is the sight of Zach’s pink speedo. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t let it go. Zach, however, is there to prove that it is not the speedo that makes the wrestler, but the wrestler that makes the speedo, and it is a lesson he intends to get Travis to learn at all costs.

Zach proceeds to punish Travis for his comments, battering him around the ring. He brings the youngster to the cusp of unconsciousness just to revive him so his pain can continue. Head scissors, elbows and sleeper holds are all on the menu, and yet for probably the first time in his admittedly short career, Travis manages to give as good as he gets.

But will it be enough to garner his first much needed win? Will he prove that it is in indeed the man and not the gear, and in this instance he was the better man? Or will Zach do what he does so often and prove that it can be a grave mistake to not only enter the ring with him, but compound the error by taunting him?

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 39 seconds

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