Tristan Baldwin vs. Caleb Klein


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Tristan Baldwin is a well-known veteran of the underground wrestling world. And he always shows up ripped and ready for his fans.  There is no fat on that frame.  Over the years, the blond brawler has filled out and buffed up, and still looks as eager to get to it as he did as a bright-eyed newcomer 10 years back.  Caleb Klein is certainly no slouch either.  He’s a southern charmer with brawny good looks, admirable guns, and obvious talent.  Tristan taunts him that he must have stepped in for the redneck match, so Caleb wastes no time in getting Tristan into a back straining camel clutch to prove who’s boss.

When he puts Tristan out with an early sleeper, you might be screaming for the cameraman to linger a little longer on that flawless body.  But don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunity for lingering over a heaving Tristan as this match goes on.  This is an all-day, E ticket ride to sleepy town.  During the dragon sleeper, who will you want to be?  Dominating Caleb, or submitted Tristan with his nose buried in Caleb’s armpit?  You will be amazed at all the ways Caleb knows how to put someone out.

In between the  stunning array of sleepers, Caleb otherwise has his way with Tristan, with arm bars, surfboards, full nelsons, neck wrenches, body scissors, rope chokes, and torso stretches. There’s no point in pretending that Tristan might have a chance here.  He is squashed from start to finish.  And he looks spectacular getting totally submitted and schooled.

Run Time 18 minutes, 47 seconds

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