Tristan Baldwin vs. Miss Gia Love (Mixed Wrestling)


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Anyone who knows Tristan Baldwin knows that he can be pretty cocky when he gets involved in a wrestling match. In this instance, Tristan is paired again a pretty accomplished wrestler herself in Miss Gia Love. Clad in a tiny orange speedo, Tristan does what he does best, talk smack, no matter to who it is. Tristan thinks he is there to wrestle another male, but Gia informs him that he is actually there to wrestle her. Tristan tries to talk her out of it, but Gian will have no of it and starts in on the porn star.

What begins as a reverse bearhug quickly escalates ab punches, ball grabs, a knee to the throat and a painful boston crab. Things don’t get any better for Tristan, as he finds himself on the receiving end of a heard scissors, a devastating camel clutch, a powerful full nelson and another head scissors that has him turning red.

In the end it is a complete and utter demolition of the muscled stud. Not only does he not follow through on his claims he made at the beginning, he ends up begging for mercy, something that Gia is unwilling to give him. A final sleeper hold has the porn star sleeping on the mat and Miss Gia standing tall. Another success Gia and another defeat for her poor opponent!

Total running time: 21 minutes, 6 seconds

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