Ty Alexander vs. Austin Cooper


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Austin Cooper walks us through his gym routine. From jumping rope to curling iron, it’s no wonder he’s so pumped. Ty Alexander, as we all know, sports a more natural physique. Flat chest, undefined abs, slim arms and legs. But there’s something about this dude...something sadistic. You almost get the feeling he’d be the most fun to tangle with. Austin Cooper is about to find out…

Soon we’re on the old mat, worked out gym rat vs. natural sadist. Hm. Wonder how this is gonna go down. 

Alexander moves and maneuvers Cooper all over the mat, using those unremarkable legs to actually lift the bigger dude up and over. Sure, Cooper breaks free, giving him full on ass-to-ass Boston crab realness, but who didn’t see that coming. A camel clutch leaves Alexander speechless, while Cooper finishes his reps. 

“NOW I’m ready to wrestle!” says Cooper. It was nice knowing you, Ty Alexander. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the night janitor comes in to mop up his remains from the mat.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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